Saturday, 12 July 2014

See Who Is Online On Facebook When You Are Offline

How do you find online friends on Facebook? You may go online, right? But you know, it is also possible while being offline. Thus, you may not need to go online every time to see who is online to chat with you. Instead, you can use a Facebook app which lets you to know the online friends on Facebook. Read on to know how to use this app to view online friends. 

Online friends can be viewed by using a third party Facebook app called Online now. When you access this app, it shows you which of your friends are now online on Facebook. Online now shows friends in real time, so that, no further reload is required to see updated online friends.

See online friends when you are offline

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See Online Friends On Facebook While Offline

  • Login to Facebook.
  • Turn off chat.
  • Go to Online now app.
  • Then all your friends currently online are shown in the page.  

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