Sunday, 21 September 2014

[Solved] Skype Can't Connect Error

Problem: I cannot sign in to Skype on windows PC, getting this error message "Skype can't connect get help fixing this problem". I am able to sign in to Skype website, but could not connect to desktop application. Tried many times, changed my password and tried signing in again, but failed. How do I solve this skype sign in problem? Please help.

Recently I got this message from one of my readers asking for help. After that I searched about it and found that many of the Skype users are also facing the problem. Here is the easy step to fix the above mentioned problem.

Fix skype can't connect solved

A simple upgrade to latest version solves this problem. This is because skype disables old versions in order to improve the its experience, the new version comes with improved reliability, quality and security. Old Skype automatically signs you out and you wouldn't able to log in to skype again even if you entered right password. You can download and install the latest Skype from the below link and enjoy the great benefits from new Skype.

Download the latest version of skype (6.20) Here 

I hope this answer will solve your problem. If you are still facing problems do comment. 

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  1. Thank you. This problem was driving me crazy as there is absolutely no help from skype. In addition, after searching all over the internet you were the only one with a clear explanation. Thank you once more for your help. I hope others find your page.

  2. Really helpful guide for [Solved] Skype Can't Connect Error. Visit more info: - Skype Help.


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