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How To Remove My Name From Truecaller

How to Remove My Name From Truecaller Database [tutorial]

The truecaller is an application which finds the contact details of the unknown person calling to your phone number. Just like this your contact details could be displayed on strangers phone also. This can happen if someone other saved your contact detail on his/her phone book. This way many peoples number will be saved on truecaller database, even if you not tried it yourself.

For some landline numbers, it not only shows the name of the person but also the address of him. Truecaller gets this details from public phone book or some other data sources. Thus your details will go public and arises some privacy concerns. This is the reason why you should remove your number from truecaller database.

I have provided all the steps for removing your name from truecaller app database. Note that you have to deactivate your truecaller account in order to remove your name, photo and address from truecaller. By doing this you are not able to see others details too.

Steps to Remove My Name From Truecaller Database - 1)Deactivate truecaller

Skip this step if you not signed up for truecaller before.

For deactivating truecaller on Android
Open the app >> tap the people icon in the upper left corner> > Settings > About > Deactivate account.

For deactivating truecaller on iOS
Open the app >> tap the gear icon in the top right corner >> About Truecaller >> Scroll down >> Deactivate Truecaller.

For deactivating truecaller on Windows Mobile
Open the app >> tap the three dots in the bottom right corner >> Settings >> Help >> Deactivate account.

When you deactivated your truecaller account, you are able to remove your name from truecaller app.

How to Remove My Name From Truecaller App Database - 2) Unlist From Truecaller
  1. Open truecaller unlist page.
  2. Enter your number with country code in the phone number field. (i.e. +9177777777)
  3. Mark the reasons for unlisting your mobile number.
  4. Enter the captcha verification.
  5. Click Unlist.
That's all you need to do to remove your name from truecaller. Now even in truecaller search, your name and photo will not be displayed. It takes 24 hours to remove your name from truecaller. 
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