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How To Find Your Lost or Stolen Phone Using Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager is the Google's official 'find my phone' feature that helps to trace your location of your lost or stolen Android smartphone. It is a free online service to keep track of your lost Android smartphone and allows you to find if lost or stolen. Previously we have written a post " Is Your Smartphone Ready to Recover If Lost or Stolen??", that revealing the methods you can use before your smartphone gets lost. If you missed it I recommend you to check it before reading this.

Android Device Manages makes it easy to locate your lost Android smartphone accurately. Its compatible with Android 2.2 or above. If you misplaced your phone somewhere and forgot the location where you kept, the Android device manager will find your phone without difficulty. Finding the location of your lost or stolen Android smartphone is very easy. Go to Android Device Manager. Then you will be asked to login. Provide the login detail that associated with your lost or stolen Android Device, and then you will be redirected to an interface that almost looks like Google Map.

In the Map, you will see a blip on the map which shows the current location of your Android device. If the device is located near to you, the Ring function you see on that page can help you to ring the phone with maximum volume possible even in silent mode, thereafter finding the the phone will be simple. Ringing extends for 5 minutes, unless you tap on the phone. It is possible to try this several times till the battery dries completely.

The Wipe Out feature allow you to delete all the data stored in your Android device including your apps, photos, files and settings. You please notice that this deletes the settings as well, so Android device manager or other anti-theft apps installed on your device will not work after you perform a factory reset. If you want to try this feature, make sure that you lost the device permanently. You need to activate this feature in your device in order to use the remote wipe out feature. Follow the below steps to activate it.

Activate Wipe Out Feature on Your Android Phone
  • Go to Google setting
  • Select Android Device Manager
  • Tick the check box "Allow Remote Factory Reset". (You might also see Remotely Locate This Device turn it on to find approximate location)
  • Activating this enable you to carry the three following operation
    1. Erase all the data
    2. Change the screen unlock-password
    3. Lock the screen
  • Tap the activate button to complete the activation procedure.
We have used third party apps like Where's My Droid, Plan B, Android Lost Free, AntiDroidTheft for finding the lost phone. Though Android Device Manager is the Google's official service to find the stolen phone. However former specified apps has more features than Android device manager, you can check Anti-theft applications and features for more detail.

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