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Hide Friends List From Others On Facebook

Want to Hide friends list on Facebook? Hide friend list from others on Facebook Profile/Timeline? How to Hide friend list on Facebook? Solution is here.

By default Your Facebook friends list is shown to everyone, that is its privacy is set to public. So everyone can see your friends list easily from your timeline. Don't like that?  No problem. Here is the solution to hide your friends list on Facebook. Hiding friends list from Facebook profile or timeline is very simlple. You please read the below steps to get it work.
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How To Hide Friends List On Facebook
  • Go to Facebook Profile/Timeline.
  • Click on the Friends Tab.
  • Then click on the 'Pencil icon' right after the find friends tab (click on the images).
  • Click on edit privacy setting.
  • From the pop up menu you will be showing 'Who can see your Friend list'.
  • Choose the privacy setting how you want, that is visible to friends or only me or even to your custom privacy. 
  • Close the window.
That is the setting for you to hide friends list. Many of the facebook users have more than thousand friends. Some of them restrict others from seeing friends list and many of them still dont know how to hide the list. Now you get the solution and you can either hide friends from your timeline or set it to as it is.  
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  1. Must be available on a desktop. Won't work for Android


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