Sunday, 13 July 2014

Your Gmail Account Has Two Email Addresses

How many email address do you have with your Gmail account? One? No, its wrong. Your gmail has two email address. Most of the gmail users does not know that they already got two address with one Google account.

Everyone Google user has the email like But remember that, along with your domain you are also getting an domain. ie is also yours. Even though these two are from different domains, all the email sent to these mail addresses are delivered to same mailbox. and

Hence, if you are receiving emails from the same username as yours and have domain, don't think it as someone else's mail, its yours. 

More Gmail tips

Gmail doesn't make any difference between uppercase and lower case letters. You can use username all uppercase, lowercase or a combination of both while sending email. Apart from this, periods (dots) are not recognized by Google, so that, it can be used anywhere in your username. equals
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