Thursday, 15 November 2012

Aakash 2 Tablet Features (UbiSlate 7Ci)

The Aakash 2 Tablet is finally a reality, an advanced version version of India's low cost tablet Aakash was launched on November 11,2012 . Aakash 2 Tab is developed by India based company Quad with the support of C-DAC, and has been rolled out by DataWind, a British company.

Government distributes the Aakash 2 tablet (UbiSlate 7Ci) for students with 50 percent subsidized price at Rs 1,130 (US $21) while the others will be able to buy it for its actual price Rs2,263 (US $42). While Aakash 2 UbiSlate 7C launched in April, 2012 costs Rs4299. The first one lakh Aakash 2 Tab will given to students of engineering colleges and universities and then it will be made available for others.

Before around 30,000 Aakash tablets were distributed to students of IIT Rajasthan for testing, the main problem they had found was speed and quicker drain of 2100 mAh battery. After receiving complains of its all the poor performance they decided to bring out an upgraded version Aakash 2.

The 1GHz Aakash 2 tablet be twice as fast as former one, which has a 366MHz processor, and have few more great features as well. The improved version of Aakash have SIM functionality (UbiSlate 7C) and a better battery back up of 3 hours.
Comparing Aakash 2 Tab with previous Aakash, the newer is faster and affordable tablet with more features at very similar price.It is powered by 1GHz ARM cortex A8 processor, it has 7-inch capacitive display with 800x480 pixel resolution and 512MB RAM. Aakash 2 Tablet, the improved version of Aakash, probably the most popular and cheapest tablet in the world.

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