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[Download] Trivia Crack App

Trivia crack is an exciting and addictive quiz game to test your knowledge in different categories. The app lets you to challenge your friends or random opponents, and find who has more knowledge in fun ways. More than 90,000 questions are available and supports English and Spanish languages. Here you can download the app and find how to play instruction for trivia crack quiz game. It comes with free and premium versions, ads can be removed by purchasing premium version for just three dollars. Download trivia app for android phone and iOS and start playing with friends now.

How To Play

The wheel is divided into seven parts. Six of which represent each of the categories of questions: Arts, Science, Sports, Entertainment, Geography and History. And a 'special' box or Crown. When the wheel stops on a certain category, the player must answer 1 question in that category. Every correct answer will imply a third of the crown bar. When the wheel stops on the box 'special', or reaches the three-thirds of the crown bar , the player must choose between dueling challenge your opponent for one of his characters, or simply to answer a new question achieve the desired character.

Trivia crack android apk ios


The goal is to get six characters of the wheel. Each character represents one of the categories of questions: Arts, Science, Sports, Entertainment, Geography and History. The first player to collect six characters will be the match winner. Each game will have a maximum of 25 rounds.


It must correctly answer three (3) questions from any category to get a random character. In this instance, the player must choose between dueling challenge your opponent for one of his characters, or simply answer a new query to get the desired character. Meanwhile, there is a seventh category, represented by a crown. Falling into this, you can also choose for a duel or answer a question of subject choice. If you answered right, receives the character.


Both players must have at least a character in his power to dispute: the challenger will choose a character between having and one of his opponent by which compete. During the duel will be presented with both players the same 6 questions 1 for each category. The player who answers most questions right will win the duel. If the challenger wins, you get the character of your opponent and he will lose. challenged If the one who wins, just retain its character. event of a tie, the challenged player must answer an extra question from a random category to defend his character. Answer right, you win the duel. Otherwise, you will lose.

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Download Trivia Crack App Android APK and iOS

Current Version : 1.6.2
Application size: 26MB
Requirement : Android 2.2 and up

Current Version : 1.6.3
Application size: 37MB
Requirement : iOS 6 and up


Each new player has three extra shots to begin. Every extra shot allows the player to turn the wheel back in order to reach the category of your choice. Once depleted, the player may request extra shots to their new friends through Facebook or buy them at the store.


The first player to get all six characters of the wheel to win the game. Should get to 25 rounds without a victor, who has more characters will become the winner. Given the same amount of characters, players will be discussed to a duel. If you tie in the final duel, the initiator will win the game. 

Must Check


  • Once you have selected a language, then you cannot change it. Trivia crack language change is not available once set. Hope they will fix it soon. 
  • Annoying ads

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