Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Very High Page Rank Dofollow Commentluv Blogs List 2013

Commentluv is one of the popular commenting system for websites. Every blogger love to comment on comment love installed blogs because it enables the commentators to add a link back to their own blogs which increases the number of inbound links to blogs and that in turn increases the website ranking.

Link building is a good SEO practice for bloggers, and a higher number of backlinks indicate that the website has a higher rank. Getting backlinks from a high pagerank website or blog will help to rank better than dozens of backlink from a lower pagerank website. Higher the pagerank results more number of visitors from organic searches.

high pr dofollow commentluv
Here I am providing a list of commentluv installed sites categorized under their pagerank 6,5,4,3,2 etc. Comment on these sites to get a quality backlinks easily. But do not spam. Avoid comments like 'thanks for the post','nice information', 'thanks visit my blog' etc. If you added comments like this, it will not be accepted and will not get any inbound links. For approving comments try commenting related to the topic.

PageRank 6 Commentluv Enabled Blogs
PageRank 5 Commentluv Enabled Blogs
PageRank 4 Commentluv Enabled Blogs
PageRank 3 Commentluv Enabled Blogs
PageRank 2 Commentluv Enabled Blogs
Leave meaningful comments on these blogs and gain attraction to other visitors, this increases your blogs page views and gets more traffic. If you have any other very high page rank(9,8,7,6,5,4) do-follow commentluv enabled blogs to increase backlinks for sites please share it by commenting below.
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  1. Artikel yang sangat berguna dan bermanfaat,,Thaks infonya sobat... ditunggu post berikutnya.
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  2. Really you provided informative information about link building. it helped me so much and I think it will help to other many people. i think you have more knowledge about link building so continue to share new thing with us.

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  8. You have really wrote a good post and i like it.why not you wrote a list of 20-50 site with high pr?

  9. @Keyur Savaliya
    I will add more dofollow blogs list later :)
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