Monday, 5 August 2013

How To Make Colored Heart Symbols On Facebook

Make different colorful heart symbols on Facebook. How to put Purple, Pink, Blue, Green, Red...etc colored heart symbols in Facebook chat or comments. We have dozens of codes for different kind of heart symbols. Try all the cool Facebook heart emotions. Just copy the code and paste it where you want. Some of them only work in chat and comments and others work in status updates too. Here is the list of codes and you have the symbols corresponding to it. Use it out and enjoy chatting/commenting.

How to Make Colored Hearts on Facebook?
  • Make Red heart On Facebook >>
    1. type <3 
    2. Alt+3
  • Make Purple Heart On Facebook>>
    Copy this code and paste wherever you want
  • Make Pink Heart On Facebook  >>
  • Make Dark Red Heart On Facebook >>
  • Make Mixed Red and Yellow Heart On Facebook >>
  • Make Blue Heart On Facebook >>
You can get the code for these Facebook heart symbols from link below
Try all in chat first.
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If you found more Facebook Colored Heart Symbols please let us know by commenting below. Find us on Facebook to get instant updates.
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