Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Make Invisible Folder In Windows

This tutorial shows you how to make a folder hidden/invisible in Windows. Its very easy to hide a folder in windows without using any software. The actual method of this tip is just to give a blank icon and blank folder name to the specified file folder, and is very simple for everyone. Now lets take a look at how to make it possible.

windows hd image high resolution
  • First select the folder which you want to make invisible
  • Right Click>>Rename(or F2), then hold Alt key and press 0160 (Alt+0160) (Alt+255 also works)
  • Now your folders name will be blank/invisible.... Amazing!!!
  • Next is to make icon invisible.
  • Select the folder>> Right Click>> Properties>> Customize>> Change icon.
  • Then select any blank icon from the list (see screen shot), then click OK.
  • Click Apply>>OK
  • Now your folder also hidden..!!

Note that the hidden folder will exist there after doing all the above, you can find out this by clicking at the position of the folder that previously located. Now make blank folders,blank folder icon and have some fun..!!

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