Wednesday, 7 September 2011

How to Post Empty Status Update on Facebook

Facebook is a leading social networking site in the world. Usually we all posting awesome status update to impress our friends,,, Right?? Then what about posting blank status or blank comment... Surprised?? You can update it as blank by the following way.

Trick to post empty status on facebook
  • Go to facebook update status field
  • Press and hold Alt key and just type 0173.
  • Release Alt Key and click on share Post.
  • Done!! Your facebook status is now view as empty.


Simply type this @[2:2: ] 
Note : there is space between ':' and ']'   ie @[2:2:<space>]

Check the screen shot

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  1. Really nice trick, thanks for sharing

  2. Nope, doesn't work on iMac


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