Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Airtel Free Net on PC with Hostizzle

Hostizzle is the BEST free OpenVPN worldwide, committed to providing safe, secure, and simple VPN services. You can have access to your favorite online services, including youtube,facebook,twitter,myspace...  and use free net like paid gprs.
1) Use Following settings to connect internet through pc suit 
No proxy 
No port
2)Register and get key from
3) Now download openvpn From

4) Now go to Desktop -Right click on open vpn icon file then - Then click on Properties -Click on  Open File Location  -Click on Config Folder -Paste all key here which u
get from hostizzle.
Now open file which have name like e57a2ss086d4823cc342443aab58b8 for other.Now edit it. replace tcp with udp and port 1194 with 53 -Now again install openvpn and open
it Then right click on it and connect it . After some time it is connected Now everything is free in ur pc.
try it at low balance.
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