Monday, 18 February 2013

How To Make Call Using Different Number

How to make a phone call using different number and hide my number while calling? How to call a number anonymously and show another caller ID? How to make a prank call? In many situations most of you thought about these questions. The answer to these question is not difficult as you think, its pretty simple. Here I explained all the required procedure in 10 step tutorial and I hope this will help you to call without revealing your mobile number.

Most mobile and residential phones are equipped with caller identification systems that reveal the origin of the call. Though there are some ways to block your number from showing up. By using this method this will allow you to call anyone in the world, from the number you wish instead of using your own number.

How to make a call from the number I wish?

Step   1: First go to
Step   2: Select your country.
Step   3: Enter the number you wish to show on friends mobile number when receives the call.
Step   4: Enter the friends mobile number.
Step   5: Change your voice to low/normal/high pitch if you want.
Step   6: Click the button "GET ME THE CODE"
Step   7: After successfully completing these steps you will get a number with a code
Step   8: Then call to the number you have got in previous step and enter the code when prompted.
Step   9: Please wait for a while, your call will get connect shortly to friends number.
Step 10: Start speaking and have fun.

Note: The call costs Rs10 per minute(in India), you keep this in mind while making your friends fool. One thing I need to point out is I haven't tested this personally and don't know the exact costs of call, you make calls in your own risk !

Warning : Hiding the Caller Identity to make harassing calls may result in serious state, which into penalties and even jail time. The police can trace you when a case is issued. We are not responsible for any complaints.    
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